What’s In A Marketing Plan?

Creating a marketing plan for your company or brand can be very intimidating. One of the reasons developing a marketing plan is a tedious process for some people is because if you’re just starting out, you’re not sure what’s in a marketing plan.

A marketing plan should be a creative outline of various strategies you intend to employ when rolling out your product. Marketing plans usually describe how a company intends on relaying its product or messages to it’s target audience. A typical marketing plan can consist of all or some of the following strategies.

What Goes in a Marketing Plan? I’ve included a list of some traditional and newer implemented strategies below:

- Product Placement. This one is pretty obvious, product is placed in high traffic areas or places where a company’s product is likely to be seen by its target audience. Again, the primary goal is to create brand awareness for the sake of sales, traffic (on and offline) or some other call to action.

- Publicity. When done correctly a publicity campaign should accomplish one goal: Getting Attention. Whether you’re seeking attention from the media or the public a publicity campaign should also reveal an acceptable image of your company’s brand. After all, you’re looking to “attract”.

-Social Media. A method employed to create brand awareness with an ultimate goal of driving consumers to a company’s website or storefront through social media interaction. You may have noticed these campaigns on Facebook via company ads and coupons.

- Direct Marketing. A form of advertising and another traditional marketing method direct marketing typically consists of everything to direct mailers you get every week in your mailbox to the persistent telemarketer you occasionally hang up on.

- Sales Promotion. One of the oldest forms of marketing sales promotion is a method used to increase the sale of a product or service. There are several method of sales promotion focused on offering the consumers incentives, rebates or discounts, etc.

- Viral Marketing. A form of promotion viral marketing campaigns are perfect for generating buzz and brand awareness. Companies rely on customers to talk and tell their friends about a product or service. Traditionally done via email, viral marketing has quickly spread to other mediums. YouTube is the perfect place to find viral marketing hard at work.

A good detailed marketing plan should also reflect how the strategies used will benefit the company. For example, if you intend on spending a bulk of time and energy pushing your social media networks, you’ll need to set goals of what the social media campaign is expected to accomplish. What impact did it make? Were people receptive to your company’s message or call to action?

The great thing about creating a marketing plan is that you’re able to customize it. You can start off with a handful of strategies and test them. See what works; you can remove or add more if you find one strategy is working better than the other. Ultimately, the goal of the marketing plan should serve as a guideline for how you intend on getting your company’s name or brand in front of the target audience.