Minisites – Powerful Direct Marketing Websites

What makes minisites better at selling individual products than the bigger, more robust content sites? Simple, there are much fewer distractions for the visitor and minisites are generally designed for getting one action from the visitor.

Your prospective customer basically has two options to choose from, which are one, make the desired action that you are presenting them or two, leave the site. It’s basically that simple and this is a profitable business model that internet entrepreneurs should consider using when selling individual products.

Minisites are most popularly used by direct marketers selling information products, and they incorporate direct response marketing strategies, and effective copy writing that is focused on funnelling the website’s visitors to take one action. Initially, the prospective customer could be sent to a squeeze page (opt-in page) to first capture the customer’s information, so that the marketer can then follow up with the prospective customers in the future.

The idea is to send targeted web traffic to your minisites that focuses on selliing one specific product or service, whether that is an ebook, membership subscription, multi media course or some specific service. This product should be something that provides a solution to people within a specific market. It should either be a solution to a problem they have or something that can help them achieve a desired goal.

Now, to ensure that your mini site can convert the visitor into a customer or subscriber depending on your goal, you’ll need to first make sure that you do your due diligence and properly research your market, before creating your product and website. In short, you will need to know exactly who your target market is and what it is your market wants.

Once you know your market and what they really want, you can then create a minisite that is crafted with them in mind. You will then want to target that audience in your promotions, and then direct them to your site.

If you keep in mind what your prospective customer wants and focus on the benefits of the product, not so much the details of it, you will certainly be on the right track to creating your minisites the right way.

Success for Direct Selling Firms

Direct selling may not be as easy as it seems to be. It is a profession that entails time, techniques, commitment and network. Of course, there are advantages to be in direct selling like following your own schedule, having minimal investment and being your own boss. You can also earn more if you sell more or recruit additional people if you follow the concept of multi level marketing. If you look forward to join the best direct selling company, it may be good to adopt the following recommendations:

• Establish realistic objectives. Jot these down and put a corresponding time frame in attaining each goal. Try to divide the cycle into phases that are within your reach. Goal-setting is important in sales because it enables a sales person to accomplish things.

• Maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm because these are two attitudes that should be present in sales people.

• Never fail to make a list of things to do such as appointments, sales calls, client visits and prospecting.

• In direct selling, you do not wait for your customer to seek you out. It should be the reverse and search for prospects until you are able to closed deals. You have to remain unobtrusive but very assertive.

• You will not always get a yes for an answer. There will come a time that a possible client will reject your offer even if you are a very good salesman or saleswoman. The law of averages applies in sales as well. However, a no sometimes means that your prospect needs time to think about your offer. You may have to provide additional information regarding features and benefits.

• You need to be optimistic in your outlook. Experts say that success in the field of sales is 90 percent attitude and only 10 percent talent. You need to develop this practice of positive thinking.

• Be organized and efficient. Even if you are in the field most of the time or work from your home, you have to adhere to a strict schedule.

Aside from following these tips, your involvement in the best direct selling company, should be on a full-time basis. You will only learn to appreciate the organization to which you belong if you are involved in all of its major functions. When you start earning income, you have to be wise in spending and find time save so you will have something when you eventually retire.

At the same time, you have to attend sales conferences, client meetings, marketing seminars, group presentations and social events for networking purposes. You will surely benefit by building a strong network since this is where your source of clients will come from. You cannot become an excellent direct seller without endurance and hard work. No matter how the products are so valuable and economical, these goods will not sell by themselves. You have to use your competence and selling skills to be able to communicate the advantages to consumers. Once you achieve these, things will be more manageable.

Can Network Marketing Really Work? OK, How?

I bet you have stories similar to mine…

About 30 years ago I joined my first Network Marketing company, which was a nutritional product. A friend of a friend was making a lot of money, so we joined… and we were pumped!! This was my ticket to a new life!

About 8 months later I admitted defeat. I had not signed up one person and I was tired of being forced to buy a product that tasted awful. My friends quit a few months later.

The next one was a travel company. A lot of people travel so we were sure this one would work. And then after that it was a pre-paid phone card, a discount medical and dental plan, and my last one was some ‘going green’ type of products. The story always ended the same way.

So I decided I was done with network marketing. No matter how wonderful it looked, I would never get involved in another one. Since I chose Sales as a career path, I had people constantly bringing me new MLM plans to look at, but I stood firm with my decision for over 11 years. In fact, I even stopped looking at them. It was always the same thing, just wrapped differently.

What makes us keep trying Network Marketing when past history tells us we’ll lose money if we get involved? I think it’s because the concept is great… it should work. For many people, because of a lack of education, money or whatever, there is no other method to reach the kind of financial freedom we dream about. Also, we can’t help but wonder why some people are very successful with it.

In their book Why We Want You Rich, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Donald Trump said, “If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.” Donald Trump recently started his own network marketing company. Robert Kiyosaki calls network marketing “a great business model.”

In 2002 billionaire Warren Buffet bought the network marketing company, Pampered Chef, then proceeded to buy a dozen more. He called it the best investment he’d ever made. Other billionaires, such as Paul Zane Pilzer and Richard Branson also own MLM companies.

Network Marketing is here to stay because it is a very powerful tool in today’s advertising market, reaching millions of customers. So how do you become a successful network marketer?

First, find a company that offers products/services that people really want. Buying product on a monthly basis is what makes the company work, so you WILL have to buy whatever product they offer. The more popular the product, the easier it will be to be successful.

Second, look at the people in the Corporate office. Who makes decisions about the company? Are they trustworthy, dependable and stable? How long have they been in business? Do they care about their Reps?

Third, is the compensation plan a good one? Has the company re-negotiated the plan, taking away from the Reps? Will this comp plan allow you to get to your financial goals in a reasonable time frame? Is it set up so people can make money quickly, or will they drop out because it’s too hard to get promoted to where you start making good money?

And last, what kind of leadership will you have with your Sponsor? Do they have a strong team and work with those they bring into the business? If you need them, are they available to go out with you? Do they offer training for you to help you succeed? Do they genuinely care if you’re successful or not? Or will they sign you up and leave you on your own? This is a very important part of your success!!

I recently joined another network marketing company and I can honestly say, this is what I have looked for all my life. In just a few weeks (working very part time) I started a team that is growing quickly. This is a fabulous company with great leadership, the best products out there, the best comp plan, and a very strong team that works together for success.

Tom Spinks, founder and editor of the $1,000,000 Blueprint magazine, after looking at hundreds of MLM companies, said “In the months following the interview I have looked at and dissected this company as well as its compensation plan, and in my opinion it is the most unique network marketing company in the country and his compensation plan is the most generous in the industry. Nothing I have ever looked at comes close. In fact, before you really understand how it pays out, it defies logic.”

You can find success! Just find the right MLM and then be willing to learn, follow your leaders, and work it! Don’t give up. This company is changing lives in a big way every day. Why not find one to change yours?

“If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can start your business part-time at first and then as your business grows, you can help other people start their part-time business. This is a value worth having – a business and people who help others make their dreams come true.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki