Network Marketing – Fear of Failure

Excited and scared to death at the same time huh? Welcome to Network Marketing. Everybody feels the same way. The problem is that the excitement wears off and fear is left behind. So how do you overcome the fear? There are a couple of ways to do that.First and foremost is to have a marketing strategy that is proven to work. You probably have been given no clear-cut guidelines on how to market the product and business. Oh, I know all about “Share” marketing. Simply share the products with your friends and family and the business will build. Guess again. It’s a fact that 97% of Network Marketers fail to accomplish anything significant in this industry. It’s painfully obvious this method is not working.If anything is making you nervous and making your stomach hurt it should be the obvious lack of real-world training. Seriously, If you were to open a business on Main street would you simply tell your family and friends then kick back and expect to retire in 5 years? That would be totally crazy wouldn’t it?Why is that what we are told to do in Network Marketing? This is where your fear of failure is coming from. Its well founded. You’re trying to figure out how this is going to work and the answer is that it isn’t. But it does work for some. What if you new what the top producers in the industry did to market their business? Would your fear fade away? Of course.We know 97% of people fail, but 3% hit it big time. Do you think that those people are relying on friends and family and my favorite the 3 foot rule. Their warm market was full of people that could really care less about a life changing business opportunity just like yours. They are no more ambitious or talented then you are. The difference is in how they market the products and the opportunity.First is the product. I know you are told that everybody is a customer, but is that really true? Is Uncle Bob really going to be fascinated by a fiber drink that can lower cholesterol? I doubt it. What if you market to people that are already using similar products. It’s called your target market and your upline doesn’t teach that. Stop trying to turn everybody into a customer. You are wasting your time.Here’s the biggie. There are 3 types of people that will be interested in your opportunity. People already in Network Marketing, people that have been in it before, and people actively looking for an MLM opportunity. The truth is that your warm market really doesn’t care about your opportunity and I guarantee all of them will want to see what happens to you first. Again, market to your target market. Now that you know who to market to your fear should be going down?So how do you find your target market? Getting online and advertising to them directly is the best way to do it. There are literally thousands of places to advertise for free online. Yes, I said for free. Stop wasting your time and gas money chasing your warm market and start putting some time into online marketing directly to your target market.Its called Attraction Marketing. You can create a situation where people come to you and ask for your product and actually ask to be in your business. Does this sound better? Is your fear of failure almost gone? You need to learn the strategy that the big dogs use. If you start using a marketing model that is proven to work, your fear fades away completely.You need to start learning what Attraction Marketing is all about. I want to provide you with a FREE resource that should clarify things for you. This is a 75 page e-book that you can download right this second. This is the real inside scoop of how the top earners in Network Marketing are running their business on auto-pilot totally online.

Email Marketing – Introduced

The online market place used to be an area where anyone can get lost. When potential buyers disappear in this neighborhood after browsing through the online retailer’s site, it’s an automatic loss for the latter. The loss is a major issue with these online retailers because the chances of having their customers back would be close to impossible. Thus, direct email marketing was born.

Direct email marketing, when incorporated with the retailer’s own business techniques, is expected to make your consumers patronize your products. Having them contacted constantly would give the customers updates about the latest presented merchandises available at the online retailer’s site. This, of course, can be achieved after several stages.

It can take 6 touch points for a retailer to establish trust among customers. The points would mean a lot for merchants as it gives them an overview of their buyer’s interest in purchasing their products. However, it would take several visits to reach this level. Adding up a sign box to your website from any major email marketing company and collecting visitor’s addresses can easily increase the retailer’s chances of achieving the 6 touch points. The online seller will get points from the buyer’s first visit, but in order to get to the maximum goal level, the same merchant should visit the site constantly.

This is where email marketing comes in. After gaining permission from their customers to contact them, retailers can now create flashy email marketing promotions to lure them back to their site. It is, however, highly necessary not to be sending spam to these contact persons to protect the integrity of the business. This marketing strategy will still be effective even after several weeks from the customer’s last visit. The key is finding the market’s demand and answering them by providing the products they need.

As per every business, the first step of every retailer is to know the needs of his market. This will serve as the foundation of the business. In online retailing, however, the retailer has to find a product that provides the needs of the majority of the online consumers. Nonetheless, if the service is already available in the area, it is then the merchant’s initiative to find a way to better the service or the quality of the product so as to go beyond the check. This will give the establishment an edge among the other businesses who offer the same products to the market.

By combining the retailer’s techniques in direct marketing with email marketing, the success of the business won’t be too far.

Email Marketing for Beginners

After doing so much research I concluded that most of the businesses thinking about promoting their products and services through email marketing are not searching for “how to create an effective email campaign?” but rather they are goggling about the most basic and standard question, “What the hell is this Email Marketing”. According to the numbers of a keyword research analysis, at least 675,000 people monthly demand answers to this very question.

So that’s why after so much reading and research this is my first effort in response to those hundreds of thousands of people searching answer of this question into search engines every month. So now I will define what this marketing channel is, how it can be beneficial for business and how it works exactly.

It is a form of ‘Direct Marketing’ which uses email as a channel of communication. We all know about direct marketing, it describes all marketing form goes straight to the end-user. Companies use it as an outreach method to generate exposure for their product or services, drive traffic to their website, and to build and retain a loyal customer base. Does the term customer loyalty remind o you of something? Yes the CRM cycle, so it use the same path as CRM cycle to build the customer cycle.

So, before getting towards the technical components of how it works, it is important to understand its classification.

1. Newsletter Email Marketing: It’s primary goal is to keep in touch with the opt-in email database of existing customers on a frequent basis. This is an attempt to maintain the relationship with existing customers and updating them about the new press release, new developments or upcoming events etc.

2. Promotional Email Marketing: It is very much similar to the previous one, just not used on a regular basis like weekly or monthly. It is used to inform the customers about promotional activities which can be either about new product or services launches or coupons, sales, or special promotions.

3. Acquisition Email Marketing: This type of marketing is centered towards acquisition of new customers. It involves sending emails with the intention of driving traffic towards your website, and encouraging new customers to sign up for something, juice up the sales or merely gaining exposure of your company’s brand name, product, or service offerings.

Some people see this type of email marketing as spam because it involves mass mailing to those who are not customers yet. But if you want to attract new customers, this type of emailing is important and you have to find an ESP who can provide you an opt-in email database to which you can send your emails directly without spamming. Or you can build your own opt-in list through various ways like participating in promotional online activities, through your blog, at point of sale, hold a contest, offer free information etc. Well that is a different topic and I will talk about that later. There is also another way, you can purchase email list from link broker but I personally don’t recommend that.

Promotion of commercial services and products via email has become one of the most effective and inexpensive way of advertising. Based on a recent survey, approximate. 90% of people on internet prefer to be notifying through email about any product or services while only 10% prefer to be notified on Facebook. According to the above data clutter on the internet is increasing steadily.