Why You Need to Choose Bulk SMS for Marketing

As an inexperienced entrepreneur, investing a large sum of money in the marketing arena can be a fatal step. So, picking a cost effective, reliable and effective marketing strategy is the key to success. In today’s marketing arena, mobile marketing is proving to be an effective marketing strategy.

With mobile phones extending their reach to almost every corner of the earth and text messaging, commonly referred to as SMS (Short Message Service) has become the popular way of communication. As Short Message Service is gaining popularity, new types of messaging services are emerging to satisfy the expectation of people. At present, bulk SMS is creating a huge sensation among the entrepreneurs as it lets them to send SMS in bulk quantities to thousands of customers quickly and efficiently. This messaging service is now utilized by various e-marketing companies to reach out to a greater number of people.

Bulk SMS is a process of sending messages to innumerable mobile terminals simultaneously and is done using a computer system. With more than 4 billion mobile users, bulk SMS marketing strategy is proving to be an effective marketing strategy not just for inexperienced entrepreneurs but for multinational companies too.

Now, lets see the beneficial features of bulk SMS strategy that make it a powerful marketing tool for inexperienced entrepreneurs to kickoff their marketing campaign.

Requires less investment:

This is one of the important features that make bulk SMS one of the best marketing tool for inexperienced entrepreneurs who are hesitating to make large investment in the marketing arena. You can make use of bulk SMS in your marketing campaign either through service providers or software.

If you don’t have enough time to concentrate on your core business, then you can get assistance from reliable SMS service providers or you can make use of software to carry out the marketing campaign all by yourself. However, service providers have a better reach as they send the user’s message through a range of APIs like HTTP, SOAP, SMTP and SMPP. So, it is wise to make use of reliable and experienced service provider to send SMS effectively.

Easy to implement:

You might not need any additional qualification or experience to make use of bulk SMS software. All you have to do is just enter the mobile number of the customers and the message which you need to convey to the customers, then just click the send button.

Time saving:

As the software or service provider takes care of the complete process, you can save plenty of time which you can utilize for focusing on your core business.

Flexible working schedule:

Unlike other marketing strategies, you might not have to stick to a proper timing schedule. You can send SMS to customers according to your own schedule.

Higher response rate:

Another added advantage of this service is that it has higher response rate than other modes of marketing such as TV and banner ads.

Boosts business productivity:

As the SMS are delivered directly to the customers within a few minutes, it generates immediate traffic and improves your business productivity.

Improves customer relationship:

Contacting your potential customers via short message service lets you to maintain a consistent touch with your customers who are the backbone of your business.

Easy to manage:

Since, it generates immediate sales you might not have to wait or monitor for a long time to analyze the progress of your marketing campaign. Within a few days, you will get a clear idea about your marketing campaign.

The concept of sending multiple messages at a time has made SMS marketing a lot easier as they can be sent directly over the direct-to-mobile gateways.

This mode of marketing enables the entrepreneurs to reach out to the targeted customers at their convenient time thereby having a positive impact. With an ever-growing number of mobile users, this mode of marketing is worth looking forward to in the near future.

Copywriting And Direct Marketing Master Class: Revelations From The Book Moneyball

“If you are going to pay these guys $150,000 a year to do this, we should at least know how good they are… “Bill James1977 Baseball Abstract.”If you are going to spend $5,000 on a single trade journal ad, then we at least want to know how many responses we get.”Zac Nelles’ direct marketing corollary.That quote pretty much sums up why Bill James is so important to direct marketing. This isn’t new but it was the first time I was able to grasp just how powerful paying attention to the right information is.Most of us have seen the movie Moneyball and are familiar with Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s ability to punch with the best despite one of the lowest salary caps in the league. What is not really covered in any great detail in the movie, are the men led by Bill James who make this possible.When they are able to draft league leading hitters in the junk rounds of the draft, pluck pitchers out of ‘single A’ ball teams who are able to dominate at the Major League level, you have an unfair advantage. It is all done by knowing which stats reflect actual performance. The canonical stats used in baseball do not help – Beane and the A’s don’t use them and are able to beat better teams because of it.By tracking your marketing you are able to punch above your weight.You know that one version of an Ad will generate leads at $50 a pop while another at $25, when sent to the same list.Which ad do you run and which do you scrap? Well you’d never know unless you pay attention to your stats.All in all a simple thing to do but most of us blatantly ignore doing it. I just met with a client, who would tell me things like “we stopped doing ‘X’ because we weren’t happy with the results.”"Why?”"Just cos… “No bothering with hard data, no rational decision – based on the fact that it increased costs by X and that was unacceptable.Just an arbitrary decision. Many times, even though it is emotionally unappealing it may actually make statistical sense to do it.Big data is just in its infancy outside of its own little world. The guy who can crunch numbers and pick statistical trends is more highly prized than the ad sales guy by many institutional marketers. Soon you’ll be competing against Moneyball operations with much deeper pockets than yours.Then what could have been an edge for you will turn into a nightmare. People who know what they can spend to get a customer will bully the ignorant around.You’ll still be able to create a better ad, you just need another skill before you can really take advantage of it.

Direct Marketing – The Affordable Solution

These days every marketing dollar counts. Businesses seeking to sustain and grow their brand need reach and accountability. These are just two of the advantages of utilizing a consultant to maximize the company’s return on investment.

There are three basic types of campaigns. Direct telephone programs, direct mail and direct e-mail programs all have similarities but are distinctly different. What works for one business may not work for another, but there is an affordable solution for every business.

A consultant can provide a myriad of services independently or in concert with the company’s marketing department. Very often these professionals can breathe new life into the company’s brand.

The beauty of is that each release hits a demographically selected target. Most businesses know who their purchasers are in terms of income, marital status or geographic location. The firm has access to hundreds of lists that can filter the company’s input to target very real consumers that should be benefiting from the company’s products or services.

After meeting with your professional, the demographics can be determined and the company can decide whether to launch a campaign that utilizes one or more forms of.

Each Approach Has Distinct Advantages:

Direct Mail – Once scoffed as junk mail, this form of has proven to be extremely effective. So effective, that mailboxes are filled with discounts, specials and other incentives designed to attract new consumers and retain existing ones. The keys to this form of marketing are simple. Include a compelling offer, design a clean, sharp image, charge the mail with demographics and make sure the results can be tracked. When these ingredients are present, they are no longer considered junk mail and are usually carefully scanned by readers.

Telephone – Direct telephone campaigns require carefully worded and presented scripts. Using the company’s demographics, trained sales people call everyone on an extensive list. This is only recommended for specific products and can run the risk of alienating certain prospects. The key is the offer, the script and the effectiveness of the sales person.

E-mail – E-mail campaigns are relatively inexpensive and have proven to bear strong results. The program can be rejected by spam software but the majority reaches the desired consumer. Today’s buyers are internet savvy and are more receptive to e-mail than other forms of communication.

Your consultant can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each program. The professional direct marketer offers services from concept origination through design and execution.

Want your business to grow? Call a professional today.