Network Marketing – Fear of Failure

Excited and scared to death at the same time huh? Welcome to Network Marketing. Everybody feels the same way. The problem is that the excitement wears off and fear is left behind. So how do you overcome the fear? There are a couple of ways to do that.First and foremost is to have a marketing strategy that is proven to work. You probably have been given no clear-cut guidelines on how to market the product and business. Oh, I know all about “Share” marketing. Simply share the products with your friends and family and the business will build. Guess again. It’s a fact that 97% of Network Marketers fail to accomplish anything significant in this industry. It’s painfully obvious this method is not working.If anything is making you nervous and making your stomach hurt it should be the obvious lack of real-world training. Seriously, If you were to open a business on Main street would you simply tell your family and friends then kick back and expect to retire in 5 years? That would be totally crazy wouldn’t it?Why is that what we are told to do in Network Marketing? This is where your fear of failure is coming from. Its well founded. You’re trying to figure out how this is going to work and the answer is that it isn’t. But it does work for some. What if you new what the top producers in the industry did to market their business? Would your fear fade away? Of course.We know 97% of people fail, but 3% hit it big time. Do you think that those people are relying on friends and family and my favorite the 3 foot rule. Their warm market was full of people that could really care less about a life changing business opportunity just like yours. They are no more ambitious or talented then you are. The difference is in how they market the products and the opportunity.First is the product. I know you are told that everybody is a customer, but is that really true? Is Uncle Bob really going to be fascinated by a fiber drink that can lower cholesterol? I doubt it. What if you market to people that are already using similar products. It’s called your target market and your upline doesn’t teach that. Stop trying to turn everybody into a customer. You are wasting your time.Here’s the biggie. There are 3 types of people that will be interested in your opportunity. People already in Network Marketing, people that have been in it before, and people actively looking for an MLM opportunity. The truth is that your warm market really doesn’t care about your opportunity and I guarantee all of them will want to see what happens to you first. Again, market to your target market. Now that you know who to market to your fear should be going down?So how do you find your target market? Getting online and advertising to them directly is the best way to do it. There are literally thousands of places to advertise for free online. Yes, I said for free. Stop wasting your time and gas money chasing your warm market and start putting some time into online marketing directly to your target market.Its called Attraction Marketing. You can create a situation where people come to you and ask for your product and actually ask to be in your business. Does this sound better? Is your fear of failure almost gone? You need to learn the strategy that the big dogs use. If you start using a marketing model that is proven to work, your fear fades away completely.You need to start learning what Attraction Marketing is all about. I want to provide you with a FREE resource that should clarify things for you. This is a 75 page e-book that you can download right this second. This is the real inside scoop of how the top earners in Network Marketing are running their business on auto-pilot totally online.

Direct Marketing – The Affordable Solution

These days every marketing dollar counts. Businesses seeking to sustain and grow their brand need reach and accountability. These are just two of the advantages of utilizing a consultant to maximize the company’s return on investment.

There are three basic types of campaigns. Direct telephone programs, direct mail and direct e-mail programs all have similarities but are distinctly different. What works for one business may not work for another, but there is an affordable solution for every business.

A consultant can provide a myriad of services independently or in concert with the company’s marketing department. Very often these professionals can breathe new life into the company’s brand.

The beauty of is that each release hits a demographically selected target. Most businesses know who their purchasers are in terms of income, marital status or geographic location. The firm has access to hundreds of lists that can filter the company’s input to target very real consumers that should be benefiting from the company’s products or services.

After meeting with your professional, the demographics can be determined and the company can decide whether to launch a campaign that utilizes one or more forms of.

Each Approach Has Distinct Advantages:

Direct Mail – Once scoffed as junk mail, this form of has proven to be extremely effective. So effective, that mailboxes are filled with discounts, specials and other incentives designed to attract new consumers and retain existing ones. The keys to this form of marketing are simple. Include a compelling offer, design a clean, sharp image, charge the mail with demographics and make sure the results can be tracked. When these ingredients are present, they are no longer considered junk mail and are usually carefully scanned by readers.

Telephone – Direct telephone campaigns require carefully worded and presented scripts. Using the company’s demographics, trained sales people call everyone on an extensive list. This is only recommended for specific products and can run the risk of alienating certain prospects. The key is the offer, the script and the effectiveness of the sales person.

E-mail – E-mail campaigns are relatively inexpensive and have proven to bear strong results. The program can be rejected by spam software but the majority reaches the desired consumer. Today’s buyers are internet savvy and are more receptive to e-mail than other forms of communication.

Your consultant can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each program. The professional direct marketer offers services from concept origination through design and execution.

Want your business to grow? Call a professional today.

Success for Direct Selling Firms

Direct selling may not be as easy as it seems to be. It is a profession that entails time, techniques, commitment and network. Of course, there are advantages to be in direct selling like following your own schedule, having minimal investment and being your own boss. You can also earn more if you sell more or recruit additional people if you follow the concept of multi level marketing. If you look forward to join the best direct selling company, it may be good to adopt the following recommendations:

• Establish realistic objectives. Jot these down and put a corresponding time frame in attaining each goal. Try to divide the cycle into phases that are within your reach. Goal-setting is important in sales because it enables a sales person to accomplish things.

• Maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm because these are two attitudes that should be present in sales people.

• Never fail to make a list of things to do such as appointments, sales calls, client visits and prospecting.

• In direct selling, you do not wait for your customer to seek you out. It should be the reverse and search for prospects until you are able to closed deals. You have to remain unobtrusive but very assertive.

• You will not always get a yes for an answer. There will come a time that a possible client will reject your offer even if you are a very good salesman or saleswoman. The law of averages applies in sales as well. However, a no sometimes means that your prospect needs time to think about your offer. You may have to provide additional information regarding features and benefits.

• You need to be optimistic in your outlook. Experts say that success in the field of sales is 90 percent attitude and only 10 percent talent. You need to develop this practice of positive thinking.

• Be organized and efficient. Even if you are in the field most of the time or work from your home, you have to adhere to a strict schedule.

Aside from following these tips, your involvement in the best direct selling company, should be on a full-time basis. You will only learn to appreciate the organization to which you belong if you are involved in all of its major functions. When you start earning income, you have to be wise in spending and find time save so you will have something when you eventually retire.

At the same time, you have to attend sales conferences, client meetings, marketing seminars, group presentations and social events for networking purposes. You will surely benefit by building a strong network since this is where your source of clients will come from. You cannot become an excellent direct seller without endurance and hard work. No matter how the products are so valuable and economical, these goods will not sell by themselves. You have to use your competence and selling skills to be able to communicate the advantages to consumers. Once you achieve these, things will be more manageable.