Email Marketing – Introduced

The online market place used to be an area where anyone can get lost. When potential buyers disappear in this neighborhood after browsing through the online retailer’s site, it’s an automatic loss for the latter. The loss is a major issue with these online retailers because the chances of having their customers back would be close to impossible. Thus, direct email marketing was born.

Direct email marketing, when incorporated with the retailer’s own business techniques, is expected to make your consumers patronize your products. Having them contacted constantly would give the customers updates about the latest presented merchandises available at the online retailer’s site. This, of course, can be achieved after several stages.

It can take 6 touch points for a retailer to establish trust among customers. The points would mean a lot for merchants as it gives them an overview of their buyer’s interest in purchasing their products. However, it would take several visits to reach this level. Adding up a sign box to your website from any major email marketing company and collecting visitor’s addresses can easily increase the retailer’s chances of achieving the 6 touch points. The online seller will get points from the buyer’s first visit, but in order to get to the maximum goal level, the same merchant should visit the site constantly.

This is where email marketing comes in. After gaining permission from their customers to contact them, retailers can now create flashy email marketing promotions to lure them back to their site. It is, however, highly necessary not to be sending spam to these contact persons to protect the integrity of the business. This marketing strategy will still be effective even after several weeks from the customer’s last visit. The key is finding the market’s demand and answering them by providing the products they need.

As per every business, the first step of every retailer is to know the needs of his market. This will serve as the foundation of the business. In online retailing, however, the retailer has to find a product that provides the needs of the majority of the online consumers. Nonetheless, if the service is already available in the area, it is then the merchant’s initiative to find a way to better the service or the quality of the product so as to go beyond the check. This will give the establishment an edge among the other businesses who offer the same products to the market.

By combining the retailer’s techniques in direct marketing with email marketing, the success of the business won’t be too far.

4 Top Reasons Direct Selling Can Help People in A Bad Economy

Direct selling is a marketing channel of direct distribution for products and services directly to consumers without the shipping of products to conventional retail outlets.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) the Direct Selling Industry was responsible for over $28 billion in retail sales in the United States and over $114 billion in retail sales worldwide in 2009. That number continues to grow each year. The direct selling sector is a huge engine of economic growth in the US. According to numbers reported by the Direct Selling Association (DSA), more than 50% of American adults report having purchased services or goods from a direct selling representative. Additionally, one in five American adults claim they have been or currently are working as a direct seller. With more than 62 million sales associates connected with direct selling companies worldwide, the direct selling (network marketing) industry is dynamic and growing not only locally but on a global scale. Here are a couple reasons why direct selling is taking off:

1. Earn Extra Income

Direct sales can be a great way to earn some extra money as a supplemental income, or perhaps fund college savings, and retirement. Like any job, particularly in sales, so it is work. It’s not like you sign up and then all of a sudden checks start rolling in. You have to hold parties, demonstrate the products, and one-on-one selling which is the most popular technique for making product sales. But, while all direct sellers make money on the difference between retail and wholesale product prices, most direct-sales companies also have a commission structure that rewards the “downline” recruitment of additional salespeople into their system. This gives the direct seller an opportunity to expand his/her business as well as give others the same opportunity.

According to the DSA, the median income for direct sellers is a modest $2,400 a year. It’s enough to pay that extra bill, take that vacation or buy better holiday presents. Although some sales representative do earn tidy incomes, most use direct selling as a part-time supplement income.

2. Start A New Career

In 2009 the industry hit an all-time high of about 16.1 million Americans were direct sales representatives, according to the Direct Selling Association and with only 7.5 percent involved doing it full time with more than three-quarters being women. With employers watching their budgets more so than ever because of the bad economy, employees incomes as well as job opportunities have been stagnant. Nowadays, Americans more than ever are trying to make ends meet by turning to direct selling. More professionals today have entered the arena from doctors, attorneys, executives and many more have become instant entrepreneurs in the direct selling industry.

3. Start Your Own Business

Anyone can do it. There are no required levels of education, experience, financial resources or physical condition. People of all ages and from all backgrounds have succeeded in direct selling. Direct sellers are independent contractors. You’re your own boss, which means you can have the following:

  • Business Ownership-Own a business of your own Boss and call your own shots.
  • No Caps on Earning Potential- Earn what you are truly worth. You can earn as much as you want in proportion to your own efforts. The level of success you can achieve is limited only by your commitment and willingness to work hard.
  • Goal Setting-Set your own goals and determine yourself how to reach them.
  • Easy Start Up & Exit Strategy-Start your business with very little or no capital investment. Plus, it’s a business that’s easy entry and easy exit unlike traditional businesses.

4. Work flexibility

You choose when and how much you want to work either part-time or full-time. According to the DSA, some 5.1 million Americans were involved in some form of direct sales in 1991, up from 4.7 million in 1990. Furthermore, 89% of direct sellers do sales work only part-time, which means they either are homemakers or have other jobs with women accounting for 90% of all sellers. Many direct sellers are attracted by the flexibility of work hours but also by the opportunity to develop personal business connections.

Direct sales has helped many people in the US and across the world supplement their incomes as well as replace it in many cases. According to San Francisco Times, one lady of Brentwood started selling sweets last year by holding house parties with tastings of drinks, candy, cupcakes and other goodies. With her husband’s computer business struggling this has been a blessing for them.

She gives four or five parties a month, and works about 10 hours a week and nets $500 to $625 a month in sales. In addition to that she makes another $100 or $150 a month on commissions from sales generated by new reps she recruited. She claims, “It’s helped us out tremendously.”

So is Direct Selling for YOU?

Well that all depends on your ambition and ability to discard the hype and find a genuine business opportunity. So how about it… Is direct selling for you? Will you allow yourself to be successful? Perhaps be the next Direct Selling Icon? Business is all about timing and there is no better time now to be in the direct sales industry..

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