Transfer of ownership of vehicle

Do you want to transfer ownership of a vehicle but don’t know how? Itzeazy helps with the RC transfer procedure. Vehicle registration transfer is required when selling or purchasing a used automobile or motorcycle. Local NOC is required in the case of inter-RTO bike ownership transfer or bike RC transfer. RTO transfer forms 28, 29, 30 must be signed by both the seller and the buyer. The RTO must be notified of the sale or purchase of a vehicle within 30 days. The application for vehicle ownership transfer should be made to the RTO where the vehicle is registered.

If the seller and buyer live in the same RTO area, a local NOC is necessary for the transfer of vehicle ownership. If the vendor and buyer live in the same RTO area, no local NOC is necessary.

The process and papers necessary for car ownership transfer differ from one RTO to the next. As a result, it is critical to understand the specific RTO procedure. To know more visit Itzeazy

Restaurant Marketing – 3 Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Packed And Sell More Food

There is more to owning and operating a restaurant than just having great food. While it’s true that have great food is the first key to having a successful restaurant, it certainly isn’t the only thing that matters. I would tend to argue that there are plenty of successful restaurant that lack good quality food. So what makes them so successful? Marketing is what makes them successful, and it can help to make your restaurant business successful too (although location is very important as well). Here are marketing tips to help keep your restaurant pack and help you sell more food!

Online Web Presence
If you’re not online, then to potential customers, you don’t exist. You want to make sure that your restaurant is being represented online in two ways: via your own website and via other restaurant referral websites. It should go without saying that your restaurant needs a website that features you location and contact information, your menu, and ideally a few pictures of your best dishes.

Restaurant referral websites are important to being seen online. Restaurant goers in any city or town often go online before going out to figure out where they want to go eat or what they might want to try. Examples of these kinds of sites include, and There may be others and you can discover them by doing a simple Google search for restaurant suggestions in your town or city. Make sure that you have a listing on each of these sites (it should be free) and that your profile is up to date and has a direct link to your website and menu.

Direct Mailers – Special Promotions
Advertising can be expensive, which is why I recommend direct mailers if your budget is limited. You first want to start with sending mailers with special promotional offers (discounts) to businesses in your area. Informing businesses of your lunch menu will help to increase your lunch crowd. In addition, you might want to send them information on your happy hour specials if you have any.

Direct mailer should also go out to residents living within a 5 to 10 mile radius of your location. Again, make sure you make them a promotional offer (give them a discount coupon). The promotional offer you give them is important because it is going to create an incentive for them to come and try your food. You might try a buy one meal get a second one free, that way they bring a guest (who as a result becomes one more person who learns about your restaurant).

Billboard Near Your Location
One great investment for restaurants is in billboard marketing near the location of the business. This alerts people in your area and people passing through your area that you are open for business. While it won’t result in business the same day, it will over time generate traffic to your restaurant. Again, just make sure that your billboard ad has your location (i.e. “exit here turn right”) and that it has a great picture of one of your best dishes!

Billboard ads can be expensive, so make sure you use it strategically for your business. Do your homework with the billboard management company so you understand the amount of traffic that will see it. Then make a decision based on whether the traffic is enough to justify the money you will spend. After all, you want it to be worth the money.

Owning and operating a restaurant is no easy task; it’s a lot of long hours, and hard work so you want to make sure that you have customers to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Proper marketing will guarantee that result!

Three Types of Direct Sales Compensation Models

Compensation is the payment or profit given to someone in exchange for a work or sales done to a certain company or business. It could be in a form of salary, incentives, commissions or percentage, benefits and so on. In direct sales industry compensation models are set up as single level or multi level compensation. In single-level compensation plan representatives are paid solely on one’s sales while in multi-level compensation plan they earn commission on both their sales and of those they bring into the company. Direct sales business needs the right compensation model in order to work, MLM software companies offer these plans with a suitable MLM software pricing created for specific clients. There are a lot of variations of compensation plans out in the market and each one of them also has its different MLM software pricing depending on the model and the software company that created it. Each of these compensation plans are extracted from different major types of compensation models.

Let’s discuss 3 types of compensation models. First is the Unilevel or single-level plan this is also associated with the so called stair step break away plan, here the recruits or representatives does not grow or advance in position other than as distributors, so basically they just earn according to their performance without any promotion or advancement. However a breakaway plan is still considered unilevel but with the flexibility to encourage and motivate distributors to perform well in order to advance in rank after meeting a certain goal. Next is the grid or matrix plan the representatives here is limited only to a certain number of recruits. There is practically an automatic filling of spots; usually it works well with companies whose products are used personally by the distributors than being sold to other people. Lastly we have the so called binary or multi-level plan the distributor here is allowed to occupy one or more business centers each limited to two down line legs. Compensation here is based on group volume rather than percentage of sales of multiple levels of distributors. Meaning payment is volume driven and not level driven. Sales are being balanced in both legs to qualify for commissions, which in turn are paid at certain points when target levels of group sales are met. Here group cooperation is encouraged it requires team work because payout is on group volume and requires balance in each leg to be eligible for payout.

Choosing the right compensation model and software that has the ideal MLM software pricing offered by different software vendors is an important factor to consider guaranteeing success in the direct sales industry.